The best way to Move a Washing Machine: Step-By-Step Washer Moving Guide

The best way to Move a Washing Machine: Step-By-Step Washer Moving Guide

The best way to Move a Washing Machine: Step-By-Step Washer Moving Guide

Moving a washing machine on your own might prove to be demanding than you feel. There are many key reasons the washer moving job in front of you is often a serious headache must you decide not to employ specialized movers:

Washing machines are quite weighty. Exactly how much does a washer weigh? Typically, washing machines weigh anywhere between 150 lbs (sixty eight kg) and 200 pounds (ninety kg).
Washing machines are big. Along with the huge excess weight, washing machines are large too. Most washers are about similar condition and size, making them very easy to fit right into a standard size kitchen space. For instance, many front loading washing machines are around 33.46 inches (850 mm) high and about 23.62 inches (600 mm) wide.
Washers need substantial pre move preparation. Moving a washing machine isn’t simply about unplugging the machine, loading it on the moving dolly and moving it from the house. The planning phase involves disconnecting the washer out of the power cord, flipping off of the water source, draining the water hoses, putting the transit bolts, and much more. Continue reading for additional info about precisely how to purchase a washing machine prepared to go.
As you are able to picture, the most effective way to go a washing machine is hiring experienced movers to finish that process for you – safer and faster than you might actually get it done on your own. Nevertheless, you might want to undertake it by yourself – typically in an attempt to save cash.

And when that’s the situation, do yourself a favor and just follow this step-by-step manual to going a washing machine on your own.

What to do before going a washing machine [five steps]
Listed here are the initial five actions you need to do when carrying a washing machine:

Phase one. Secure helping hands
Moving a washer totally yourself is simply too hazardous as a result of the huge fat and also big size of the house appliance. In this particular situation, “by yourself” doesn’t imply you’re required to finish that difficult task totally all on your own – it just signifies that you will not be hiring expert movers because of the task.

Ultimately, you are likely to need a minimum of a few of helpers to go a washing machine from home to home.

Phase two. Rent or even buy an appliance dolly
Today you understand the typical weight of a washing machine (150 200 lbs.), you should understand that you cannot raise as well as carry the house system just with the empty hands of yours. It is impossible.

This’s precisely why, you are likely to have to obtain a moving dolly to wheel the large merchandise from the current house of yours, stuff it onto the moving car, after which move it to the brand new apartment or house – safely and quickly.

Rent an appliance dolly from a neighborhood moving business or perhaps a neighborhood pick up truck rental agency. Conversely, you might pick to create an excellent investment and buy a moving dolly for you – that way, you will have that extremely helpful portion of moving gear whenever you’ve to go away.

Phase three. Gather packing other accessories and supplies

You cannot go a washer totally all on your own – you will need efficient helpers to have the job finished.
So what would you have to go a washing machine?

At some point during the washer moving process, you are likely to need to discuss the system with heavy covers for protection against accidental hits throughout the real action.

Get 3 4 padded blankets set for later consumption. Additionally, you are likely to require moving rope or straps and packing tape to guard your washing machine during transport.

Besides the packing supplies, buy at least one slip joint pliers along with a little container, or maybe one more related box to collect the water whenever the washer is now being exhausted.

Step four. Locate the washer transit bolts
Washer shipping bolts are metal rods which are introduced in the system in an effort to secure the drum and always keep in immobilized during transport. Your washing machine can’t be moved without getting its transit bolts installed because the vibrations on the highway can readily harm the drum suspension mechanism of the equipment.

Find the delivery bolts of the washer of yours or maybe contact the very best home appliance shop in town for help in case you do not understand exactly where those metal rods might be.

Phase five. Get the user guide of the washer of yours
While you are able to run your washing machine with no issues, the user of its manual will demonstrate exactly how to set up the transit bolts and inform you of every other special security and products measures when shifting the house system between homes.

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